TV Dreams of Labor-Christ

The structure explains what it means to waste water: not only must water be allowed to flow into a drain and disappear, it must be the express purpose of an agent for this to happen so that the disappearance can be considered waste. The structure mirrors the explicit content of the metaphor, the speaker is allowing their life to flow into the past, they are wasting life. The structure also captures the beliefs, via a single predicate-subject attribution in each case, that water is valuable and that life is valuable too. Following the systematicity principle, this shared attribution does not anchor the mapping, but is included as an interesting corollary of the central part of the mapping. Instead, it is the dense cluster of isomorphic relations at the center of the mapping—involving FLOW, CAUSE, and DISAPPEAR—that anchors the analogy and the metaphor.

The assemblage included a dance and sound performance in collaboration with Kate Slezak and an interactive natural language processing AI chat bot which was trained on selected philosophical texts and my own writing which acted as the communicative agent of the structure itself.