Slowness and Uncertainty in Quasi-independent Relationship

An ongoing collaborative performance research project exploring shared zones of affective entanglement through mediated relations of digital and virtual engagements with the body. Using motion and sound as intermediaries to enliven space and brush against the permeable thresholds of subjectivity. Allowing for expressions of this entangled assemblage of consciousness to be expressed through the improvisations with the digitally mediated/virtual body that is created and shared via the performance. Using slowness and indeterminacies to illuminate the micro-shifts in perception and as a techne for resistance to the dehumanization and accelerating speed of the capital-body commodity machine. This project has been presented as performance, video and conversational process and has been conducted in a remote/digital mode via a live streamed sonic performance in Minneapolis to Kate/audience in Berlin. This work has been presented at galleries, performance research spaces and festivals in Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Berlin.