Shimmering Moon Help Me Interweave

Initially this project was conceived of as a way to reimagine the use of the wood that was deemed unusable by the lumber industry and will be burned to clear the forest floor for new growth. I hope by making an art object of this waste wood that it might add value and become a way to hold the object's weight in carbon thereby avoiding its dissipation into the atmosphere. Through the process of learning about and being with the forest the structure became many other things. An anchor point for the knowledge I gained throughout the month long residency at the Sagehen Field Station in conjunction with UC-Berkeley, US Forestry Service and Nevada Museum of Art. A waypoint on a map of the entanglements we as humans have with the forest. An altar through which to engage with the spiritual presence of the place.

The gestural form serves to animate the complex and dynamic relations within the forest and through the human processes present therein. The mirroring element allows the viewer to see themselves in the forest in an alteriorized way, an attempt at reconceiving our position and perspective in relation to the forest. By using the natural flow of the curves in the wood I hoped to work with the material in a way that allowed for its agency to become expressed as itself. The patina is derived from material freely given by the forest. A variety of barks that had been shed through the process of the lumber work, the sap that was seeping from the cut stumps, lichen and fungi on discarded branches. Ideally this structure will then bloom with life due to the biological entities present in the patina and will become a home for various insects and microbes.

The title is derived from Hymn to the Moon by Frater U. D. which I made use of for a small ceremony centering around attempting to allow for a reconciliation of the relations between human and forest through mediation of the moon as a distantly intertwined third party.