zonal flows

the zone
a nexus in temporal and sociotechnical hyperplace
an ambient extracellular toroidal plasma
imbued with all the occult power consciousness contains
both transient and continuous it intersects many dimensions
the expanse of instantaneous eternal occurrence
it is both/neither/a bizarre domain on many thresholds
auto-oscillating irregularly within a dynamic system
ignorant to any sense of equilibrium
it is the field that surrounds the stage on which the language drama is enacted
a semiotic playground and the fabric of everyday
nonlinear overlaps in gradating fields
where nostalgia becomes a visceral aesthetic
emotion/time in unexpected anachronistic flux
in or perhaps allowing a modality in which flow occurs
awareness becomes a transducer of will
a widely dispersed all-channel network
where any means are given any weight at any moment
an oasis where many species bathe and drink
potentially utopian, but
the lion not without its teeth and a hungry belly
making it the place where death greets the innocent
where the titan named science no longer wears a mask of truth
and look you can see the deity’s dirty fingernails and smell its farts
they erode the atmosphere
sense its bones aching under the weight we put on them
the zone is adorned in perspective imagination
all-consuming, paranoid and obsessed in the mythic panarchic present
not without sacred needs and the fear that rushes up alongside
the moment of knowing you will no longer bend your knee to the image of god
yet the reverence is still there hovering constantly just beyond awareness yet emergent
the attuned receiver expands the bandwidth of now
conduits of flow who possesses the stillness necessary to feel distant vibrations
highly sensitive to feedback/feeling momentum/the subtle fluxing of gradients
accepting presence and holding space
with will to respond in a new pattern/to be in the right place at the right time
an artist that has recovered lost modes of perception
agile in chaos and complexity
an elegant dancer on the stage of meaning
dancing their own choreography to an engaged and responsive audience
a platform agnostic struct with the capacity for dynamic flow processing
the zone has no ultimate goal and is highly disorganized
you/i really shouldn’t trust it/it is only probably here
a series of loosely related networks and movements piled on top of one another
simultaneously invoking community and destruction
a drunken feast at a burning effigy/closed eye visuals in a DMV line
(and you may even manage to copulate during the festivity)
an alchemical fluid of everything that is happening/
everything that lead up to it/everything that could come of it
disinterested in the recordable/actual outcome(s)as perceived and unperceivable experience: an autonomous beingplace clearly outside of understanding
fully withdrawn and beyond control
but a carrier of current still and presumably highly aware
a complex independent of but intertwined throughout the collective body and psyche
with its own mechanisms of interplay/dynamic laws/morals/trends
we the unwitting interactions between

engaging autonomy/authority in a latent form of play
rhetorical subroutine of reciprocation
immersion in the task and satisfyingly absorbing into it
decentralized self in a disintegrated state
personal/preeminent and receptive/responsive
the symbolic action/ritual of a body in the motion of becoming
ceremony of self-communion in procession
instantaneously going live beyond the self-edge
allowing for essence to pervade vessel and to excrete life giving juices on fertile soil
fully fulfilled and happily bathing in the optimal experience of a note tuning to itself
a complex where the arrangements in/of environment align
with the motion of the inhabitant convergent loops harmoniously phase shift
communication beyond language/outside the logic of a game
interplay of dynamic ongoing processes that converge in unknowable momentsacceptance while peaking/the ecstasy of it easily lost
it disperses upon observation and is unable to be represented by memory
status to which perspective can abstract all aspects
in it the primacy of interest unbound to ever fleeting actualization
windows into a life without the fear of every death/no difference/interference to the signal
a mirage of utopic expression outside the spiral of silence/denying the panopticon
in modes where capitalism’s death grip on activity as labor is relinquished
fun is no longer hedonistic/controlled commodity/time that needs no recuperation
the simultaneous expansion and compression bringing exponential experience
communed awareness eclipsing the idea of progress
unending truth for each of us/what you always wanted but could never see in yourself
seamless connections with overlapping ideas unrealizable under any other condition
made effortlessly and without a second thought
gliding over seas of information/carelessly hopping the chain-link fences ofknowledge
a mountain lion in a suburban cul-du-sac
strange attractors amassing forms of gifted flower petals
placed upon it by singing children (their wide adoring eyes gawk)
vibrant radiance across ultra-wide frequency spectrums
shapes that should not be able to emerge decide to happily engage
denying present understanding of presence
noticed through the simplicity of sitting /the complexity of acid jazz
the eternal amateur’s ability to authentically listen/receive
granting them the impetus and will to respond with articulation and grace
far beyond their control

zonal flows
awareness latency/the infinite metaphor
allowing for a projection of motion between then and now
occurrence persists creating temporal place (animate space)
asymmetry giving off a vantage/perspective that sings the song of personality
a perception of power/it can sense the gradients and constraints
alienating self to prove autonomy/exert phallic thinghood/objectness
invoking the dialectic with an ignorance of thermodynamics/quantum physics
mutually assured destruction/the failures of economics are outcomes of this
a kitsch process seeing the tensions of forces as in opposition
the narrative of understandingas a battle
meaning as domination through mutual loss (with all the unnecessary posturing)
a game to be incrementally won/score is being kept
a tragic comedy about a body doomed to run circles of exact distance
a mythic quest to complete a lap and arrive at the starting point before leaving it
measuring the time it takes to traverse the plane
to the smallest increment technology affords yet never satisfied with the results
enamored/consumed by the task an ever-present crowd cheers for more
the constant failure live streamed and projected on the moon
we watch on tv screens above treadmills in a hotel
the body is destroyed by the pursuit
placed in an unmarked grave in a cemetery arranged in geometric patterns
designed for opening interdimensional portals to fear
feeding it essence while exporting scarcity
commodifying the resultant suffering
but i does not die when it does and neither does it whether i do or not
there are many betweens/you can say yes/
all may persist in the zone that persists
it says the reality affirming phrase: i believe in you
laying bare the interdependence/subjectivity and the concurrent responsibility
now past becomes fertilizer for the present when knowledge has accepted consequence
being vulnerably
infinite metaphor reciprocating with an unending ocean of meaning
all the ecological fields of interplay with potential for harmonious arrangements
this energy sustaining infinite artistic output
entropic flow of information compressed through the prism of the mind
continual occurrence compounds the self-image (and the seduction of grandeur)
patterned sensations that induce dizzying arrays of spectral display
mind as prism/light runs through and becomes color
frequency patterns of pressure gradation become music become .wav files
blurry socio-technical psychotopography sharpens
modes/systems/scales bloom before our eyes
the apparatus allows for the ability to be aware of place and constraints
(the shapers of personality) where the constraints aid in the process (focus)
each perspective singing its narrative song as it observes
flowing within and without through communication
bundles of streams of consciousness coalesce
subjective perspective merger/making a home together
singing in unison or harmony or completely different songs simultaneously
yet together
dynamic input arrays with a unified output, cacophonous and beautiful
personal/social dialogue reciprocating and propagating exponentially
shaping the metaphysics of the zone as they flow
interconnectedly embracing what may be
augmented and amplified through continuance it extrapolates
a larger trend becomes apparent: the mainstream with its strong pull towards normativity
adhered to by the state like a cyst
the loudest voice in the choir/the most powerful narrative in the zone/the preeminent song
towering above the rest with its rigid structure and raw processing/authoritarian power
a tendency towards exponential/herd-of-cattle like positive feedback
runaway personality loops in pools of endorphins and digitally stimulated hormones
(the manufactured consent of a freely elected demagogue during the anthropocene)
giving us the insight to deduce an eigenvector of misconformity
an expression of a collective self-actualization quotient in the inverse
what do we tell our self we are not (do we detune because they do)
and what does that make us (obsessional, reactionary, detached)
from which we can derive a sociophysical-informational viscosity rating
the closer to zero the greater the multiplicity of interplay
authority exists as open source infrastructure/emergent cooperative parameters
process with just enough constraint to keep you focused on the task at hand
giving an ability to process greater complexity/uniqueness of interaction
cooperative diversification that is adaptable/sustainable/resilient
yet unassailably the influx of power towards fear appeal in the shadow
and they know it is a strongly coupled causequence
it attracts to the current in a homogenous march towards death
they/the state feed off the carnage and force it down your throat too
creating an enemy to generate a war to drive the desire for weapons
made by inmates in a for-profit prison
here (in the zone)
beyond the dialectic there is less lag/time to interpret
where you are truly yourself/an eye in the storm/a more quite surface pattern
moving on a different vector/alternatively to
with presence and purpose to itself/ an agile flock distancing from initial condition
forming new relationships within the un/actuality of ecological interplay
reciprocity becoming communion where individuality is not loss
generating causality with a model-free method and effectively utilizing feedforward
the withdrawn moment resonates into the zone
acting harmoniously with perspective/cohabitants/home
interactions that near momentary frictionlessness/instantaneous prefriction
with an endogenic propagation of information/a gossiping network
each flowing node of perspective expands the flux exponentially
the environmental flow factor reciprocates with the nodes
momentary patchwork dynamics of synergistic vibes flowing into waves
rideable buildups of energy/information in motion (not a bubble waiting to burst)
the inertia landing upon a shore (the inescapable horizon of perspective)
changing the boundaries as they are found
receding to repeat to process
passing hands as it goes so to continue anew
the infinite metaphor/a reminder that it is all a system
even here connections continue: like finding god in fractal things (that’s nature, huh)
genres of music/handstyles/meetings of important nouns (according to history)
the first time ___ was displayed next to ___
tracings in the vectors that form a hazy portrait
guideposts on a path half hidden under overgrowth
more asymmetries and their betrayals that point towards intention
sunflowers moving with the sun (and they kinda look like the sun so we name them so)
emergent autonomous environmental force/atmospheric currents
its relative gravity determining the toroidal spin within and flux without
gliding on the self-edge
allowing for highly sensitive/wide phase locking bandwidths at the horizon of the zone
confluence of swirling eddies with potential to alter the phase of local awareness
creating driftwaves in the current/turbulence (instability to the state)
energy decoupled with a non-zero resistance
self-consistent patterns that perturb while growing/ traveling/propagating and dying
outside the lines of morphological evolution
mutation/divergent moments of persistent change
autotelic revolutionary beings sustainably diverging
when together we may be a zonal flow/
the only way to really know is to be there/to take part in the stochastic process
resilient/unclogged arteries in clean lungs of singers/players in a synchronized ensemble
performing improvised collaboration on instruments made by/for the players
accompanied by dancers and playing on the steps of the palaces of academia
with a political agenda and pop appeal
one great party with the coolest people from a very heady scene that births a new style
a way to create the ambience of tomorrow today
placing subjects out of time
response to music as an organizational principle
music as a happenstance intersection/gravity inevitable
harmonious modes of socio-physical resonance in cooperative empathy
music as a glitch of crosstalk during interpretation of language and sound
interplay of fluxing pressure gradients + emotional response (expressing and inducing)
garments of interwoven fabrics hewn from mood /place and stained with math
a secret key that unlocks the ephemeral gates of reciprocal openness
complimentary psycho-social and material systems moving together (dancing)
on entirely different signal processing chains with a near infinite capacity for flux
with alternative modes of meaning transference
leaving room for and facilitating conversation through the same channels
via symbols so abstracted there is no point of meaning but rather a vast field
no interpretation holds equal validity to infinite understanding
the aesthetic threshold is much less dense here and mostly in your head
permutation is automatic and instantaneous
another babel/ecological communion
carefully positioned or carelessly tossed around
vibrations resonating in chambers with the ability to permeate completely and exceed
mobile, hung again in many halls or basements or institutions
systems of vocal chords in a body recalling heartbreak in a café
city birds chirping in the woods outside the industrial park
with a tendency to draw a crowd when presented with passion
developing cross-sectional affinity groups with complimentary self-assigned roles
instruments/fellow players/the audience
willing participants in shared circumstance and place
the return nodes in the network/inducers of turbulent feedback/invoking chaos
the complex nontrivial limit cycles that keep things moving along
sometimes a rare gatherings of beings that typically travel in the more ethereal realms
creating a coven, safer but haunted in the often forgotten architecture
personality in/of space that accepts psycho-social/technical constrains playfully
around it springs up special places and when sustained makes for a real scene
a band as a cooperative/self-organized skill share
on tour/mobile with an amorphous lineup (and there are many like it)
in the simultaneity of motion networks arise and stages fill/spaces are programmed
begetting loose giving based/fluid economies
that pass through the hands of friends (and the artists actually get paid)
politics and even international relations emerge
the diplomacy of show trades and hosting touring artists
with capacity to transfer/manipulate/store large quantities of information
and to move bodies
an accidental power that clashes with the state
with the potential to alter it when played with enough amplitude and personality
it denies dialectic thought/____-war and responds in reciprocity with dance:
mother-goddess of motion, gatekeeper of conflict and origin of time
it shakes the body/
it moves the mind and acts as constellations to be navigated by
lighting the way to the edges of the zone inducing flow as it goes
syncing up social tempo, rhythm, oscillation patterns
increasing interactional success as it lowers sociotemporal viscosity
altering the local gradients and facilitating autotelic ecologically harmonious interplay
open/receptive nodes knowing that dissonance has a harmony unto itself
unconcerned with a standardized tuning or resolve but with the feeling
new consonance emerges in a flourishing asymmetrical multiplicity
from this framework we see a hydra of temporary community in eternal occurrence
connected by an invisible/open all-channel network
a garden still, where all who ask may gain entry
though it is a state too it is the state as a performance (and it’s a pretty short set)
that only plays if the crowd stays and the crowd only stays if they play
here in late capitalism of course you booked them and they are your friends
it’s your party in your home (if the cops show up you would never let them in)
the act are ready to play now/promising to impress the crowd
another group standing behind them saying the same
they play with passion and a groove so listeners reciprocate through dance
improvising new movements/modes of being together
being here with respect and trust in the endless procession of beauty
it keeps going all the way
punk culture, diy, dit, festivals and the emergent lifestyles
decentralized p2p file-sharing networks, meditation, therapy and so on
industrialized/exploited by capitalism they showed us it can be scaled up
(and how to avoid destroying ourselves)
freely reproducible ephemeral polyclimax within a stochastic transistasis
music as postnationalist communal identity

hang on this moment
it goes away from you
as they tend to do
but what’s the matter
it’s just a point of view