theoretical pop with psychedelic tendencies

“See Through proves Astral Samara’s ability to transport us to another place, as we are enveloped in its warming soundscape. It’s a haunting journey through musical equivalents of the eerie feeling of nighttime, as if we’re being pushed through a futuristic maze"

The more esoteric a band is, the more exciting they can be. The truly beguiling astral samara makes strangely undulating computer music that blends LCD Soundsystem, Bjork, and Windows 95 in a vortex of absurd musical moments.
City Pages

"It’s music inspired by starstuff. It’s rippling soundscapes that bleed into one another, field-recorded percussive samples, squeaks, and a healthy dose of white noise. At times it’s electrifying, with head-bob inducing tunes...It’s meditative, reflective to the process in which it was created."
Volume One Magazine