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sound/event based art
w/ interest in: community facilitation through affinity and collaboration
        ecological awareness and place
    environmental justice and socio-political consciousness raising

I pursue a range of audio work, create site specific sound installation and regularly perform at various house show spaces and galleries across the Midwest.
My focus is on the exploration of the material/digital nature of sound and the interrelated affective systems through improvisation and experimentation with performance, the use of found sound/sampling, live effects processing, electroacoustic instrument building and the studio and DAW as instruments. I channel my energy into experimental pop music under the moniker of ‘astral samara’ which has gained national/regional press attention.

As an active participant in artistic community for over a decade I have hosted hundreds of DIY house shows and events from improvised interdisciplinary art-jams to punk legend status intellectual pop musician John Maus. The culmination of my house show practice resulted in the co-founding of a 12 person artist collective/home called Why World. A place that fostered consensus based decision making and interdisciplinary collaboration with a public art gallery in the living room and a performance space in the basement. In another attempt to foster cooperation, collaboration and to work towards a more inclusive and safer arts community in Minneapolis I formed and maintain the online space DIT (do it together) Minneapolis.

My practice is rooted in an ecological awareness that emphasizes and highlights interaction with the environment and/or other sociopolitical realities. In respect I approach my process meditatively and with a critical, research heavy praxis strengthened via participation in workshops with Pauline Oliveros and through the UMN-affiliated ecological research group Improvising Ecosystems.

Presently I live a causually ascetic lifestyle in my Minneapolis studio (devoid of running water and wifi) where I am using my time to deeply research sound, further my understanding and execution of sonic ideation and experiment with creating digital communal experiences.